Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary offers a variety of programs designed to excite, motivate, and inspire not only individuals but also groups through interacting with, and being around, Wild Horses. Join us in investigating how you too can participate or just marvel at these amazing creatures.


At Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary we believe that sometimes horses or burros need a refuge from neglect, abandonment, and displacement. We pride ourselves in having a philosophy that is quite the opposite of a large segment of society.  There doesn’t need to be another creature, neither horses nor burros, that society deems has having served its purpose and now considers them a disposable commodity. Instead, we aspire in sharing with others that these engaging animals can still make a difference. Among our many goals is: bringing wild horses to a sheltered preserve, which allows them to mend their spirit and possibly acquire a new purpose. The desire to work alongside people who are compassionate, tolerant and willing to give these amazing animals an opportunity to share with humanity their gifts and beauty. Rather than a “Get Rid of ‘Em” attitude, our magnificent high desert pastures, protected by Petersen’s Mountain 7,600’ peak and its western slopes, provides the splendid backdrop where Wynema Ranch Wild Horse Sanctuary’s Wild Mustangs can trek free from danger, free from a life of uncertainty, and free from the possibility of slaughter. Our dream is to give these noble beings a setting where people can acquire a greater appreciation as to the majestic nature of another species.

You can make a one time donation or subscribe for a monthly donation that will be automatically deducted every month.

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